Tesla Could Produce 100 Semi Trucks in 2022, Says Robyn Denholm

Tesla Could Produce 100 Semi Trucks in 2022, Says Robyn Denholm

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Tesla may produce 100 Semi trucks this year, Robyn Denholm said. If this is true, it is a very strong indicator and means that the production facilities in Nevada are successfully ramping up.

Tesla Chairman Robyn Denholm has begun testifying in a lawsuit over Elon Musk's pay package. She called the goals tied to Musk’s grants by the plaintiff Richard J. Tornetta “audacious” and characterized Tesla’s operational forecasting as ambitious. Answering questions, she also gave some important information about the upcoming Semi truck, which may please investors and clients of the company.

According to Denholm's mention, Tesla may produce 100 Semi trucks this year, highlighting that the company is behind schedule. She indicated this in order to emphasize that achieving the set goals for the company is a very difficult task; therefore, the achievement of targets by Elon Musk, on all points of his compensation plan, is not easy, as the plaintiff claimed. “Tesla, for example, might produce 100 semitrailer trucks this year, Ms. Denholm said, years behind schedule,” wrote WSJ.

The first delivery of Tesla Semi is scheduled for December 1, 2022. On this day, the first trucks will be handed over to Pepsi Co., who has been waiting for them for several years. In the past few months, there have been many reports of people seeing Semi, hinting that more than ten have been produced. Now Denholm has said it could be 100 by the end of the year, which is great news.

During the Q3 2022 Earnings Call on October 19, Musk confirmed that the Semi is already in production. According to the earnings report, this production takes place at Giga Nevada and that time, was just starting to pick up steam. He recalled that production will increase throughout the year before becoming more massive. Musk said Tesla ultimately aims to reach a production capacity of 50,000 Semis a year in 2024.
“And we'll be ramping up Semi production through next year. As I think everyone knows at this point, it takes about a year to ramp up production. So, we expect to see significant -- we're tentatively aiming for 50,000 units in 2024 for Tesla Semi in North America. And obviously, we'll expand beyond North America.”

According to the original plan, announced in the summer of 2020, the truck will be built at Giga Texas and no change in plans has been announced at this time. It is expected that, once the production of Semi is launched at the Austin factory, the volume of its production will increase significantly, yet the capacity of 50,000 units per year is quite high for the industry.

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