Tesla Cuts Delivery Times for Cars in China, Highlighting Boosted Production Capacity at Giga Shanghai

Tesla Cuts Delivery Times for Cars in China, Highlighting Boosted Production Capacity at Giga Shanghai

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Tesla is speeding up car deliveries in China, showing increased Giga Shanghai production capacity. The waiting time for order fulfillment is now 1 to 5 weeks for all models and their variants.

Expected delivery times for all Tesla models and variants manufactured at Giga Shanghai in China have become shorter. The factory, which produces only Model 3 and Model Y, will now deliver vehicles to customers in 1 to 5 weeks. Faster Tesla deliveries in China towards the end of the year will allow more local consumers to take advantage of expiring government incentives to buy, so the company's strong performance will be a lifeline for many customers in the country.

Since the end of August, Tesla has continued to reduce delivery times for its Model 3 and Model Y in China. Obviously, this is due to the modernization of Giga Shanghai. The Model 3 and Model Y production lines were shut down alternately from July to the first week of August, after which the number of vehicles produced increased. This made it possible for Tesla to deliver vehicles faster than before. According to unconfirmed reports, the factory's production capacity has grown to more than 1 million vehicles per year.

To encourage the Chinese to place orders for the car, on October 24, Tesla cut prices on the entire Model 3 and Model Y lineup in China, which also made Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive eligible for government incentives, which expire at the end of 2022. Decreasing car prices and speeding up deliveries in November and December are expected to lead to a very significant increase in the number of Tesla cars sold in China by the end of the year. In October, Giga Shanghai produced 87,706 Model 3s and Model Ys, but delivered 71,704. The stock created will make it possible to fulfill a huge number of orders.

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