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Tesla Appears to Have Begun Preparations for Giga Mexico Construction

Tesla Appears to Have Begun Preparations for Giga Mexico Construction

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Tesla has begun preparations for the construction of Giga Mexico, according to local media. Heavy equipment began work near the road, possibly paving the way for other equipment to enter the site.

Investors and Tesla fans have been waiting for news about the start of construction of Giga Mexico. The first hints that it will begin soon may have already appeared. The Mexican news agency Milenio reported that activity has begun on the site. The publication received a video showing a section of the road near the site where the factory is planned to be built. Cones have been placed along the road to alert drivers that construction work is taking place on the stretch. In addition, a working excavator was seen not far from the road. Perhaps it is paving the way to the site for construction equipment.

The activity was seen on Wednesday at a site close to the highway leading to Saltillo, at its intersection with Anillo Periférico de Monterrey. It is worth noting there is no evidence the work is carried out specifically for Tesla, as well as what kind of work is being done.

About one month ago, Nuevo León Governor Samuel Alejandro García Sepúlveda said all permits for the construction of the Tesla Gigafactory in the municipality of Santa Catarina have been completed and are under review. He said that at any time the state and the company could announce the start of work.

“We don't have a date yet, but the good news is that all permits, for the environment, for energy, for water, everything has already been checked, and progress is underway,” said García. “So at any moment we are going to let them know that the first stone is being laid,” he continued.

In addition, the governor said he has information that the design stage of the new generation electric vehicle—which will be assembled at Giga Mexico—is in its final stages. In parallel with this, Tesla is already finalizing the design of production lines for its production.

“What we have of information is that right now they are already in the final stage of the design of the new car, a new model, which is going to be, as far as we know, the best electric and economic car in the world, and it is going to be a milestone,” said García. “So, now, with the design finished, what we know is that they are already finishing the production lines, the software, and everything that must be ready to start the factory,” he added.

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