2021 Tesla Modell Y & Modell 3 Tasse Halter Stabilisator

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    1. Custom Design Cup Holder Stabilisator für 2021 Tesla Modell Y und Modell 3
    2. Stabilisieren Sie Getränkebehälter verschiedener Größen, um überschwemmend zu vermeiden und Verschütten zu verhindern
    3. Mit ABS-Material hergestellt
    4. Fitment: 2021 Tesla Modell Y und Modell 3 (mit aktualisierter Mittelkonsole)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews
Reginald Rich, Sr. (Bowie, US)
Cup Holder Stabilizer

Just what I needed! Great product!

T MILLER (Los Osos, US)
Cup holder (model 3/Y)

Great cup holder. It fits well, works well, and looks great. Wish it was made from a little softer material, but I’m just nitpicking.

Brin Keller (Hastings, US)
Fits well, works well, doesn’t match interior well

The 2020 model match the car well, but the latest model doesn’t match as cleanly mostly because of the top finish. Performs exactly as described.

Roxana Nessi (San Rafael, US)
Cup holder insert Model Y

Perfect fit! Holds the cups in securely.

Troy (Tucson, US)
Fits perfectly!

This small device fit my Model Y perfectly and it helps stabilize smaller cups. A great product!

JimInAuburn (Renton, US)
Fit like a glove

Just had to bend it out a bit in the middle, and then put it in, and it looks factory. Tesla should really do something like this standard.

Lewis Dragolovich (Salt Lake City, US)
Cup holder

I like everything that I ordered, but the cup holder was not truly needed. Thank you

Mark W. (College Park, US)
Model Y (2023) Cup Holder Insert

This is a great product and has the lowest profile of any that I've seen in use. It works well and looks a part of the natural build. Most others look like inserts and are bulkier. I can still fit my Hydroflask and Tervis cups in easily and they don't move at all when pushed in snug. A little toggle of the cup and it releases. GREAT product.

Robin G. (Alamo, US)
Cup holder

The cup holder works great and stays in place when taking your drink out of it.

Marc Wisniewski (New York, US)
Great value

Overall, an outstanding cupholder. Love the simplicity of the design and also the value for price.