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Elon Musk Devotes Personal time to Improving Tesla Service to Make it Awesome

Elon Musk Devotes Personal time to Improving Tesla Service to Make it Awesome

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Elon Musk devotes personal time to improving Tesla Service and making it awesome. Now both the manufacturer and customers will pay a $100 fine if they cancel an appointment less than 24 hours in advance.

Tesla is well aware of the need to expand its service centers, and improve their work. It is clear that change is needed in this department, and it has already begun. To make the schedule more streamlined, Tesla has imposed a $100 fine on owners who cancel service appointments less than 24 hours in advance. This was a necessary measure, as canceling one appointment could throw the whole service center into disarray, disrupting the schedule, which will have an immediate negative impact on all subsequent clients.

While some owners considered this measure reasonable, others were very unhappy with such a policy. However, the company has a fair solution to the problem. In response to a tweet from a disgruntled customer, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company would pay a fine to customers if a service center canceled their appointment less than 24 hours before.

Obviously, big changes have begun in Tesla Service and they were initiated directly by Musk. In July, the head of the company stated that he was working with Tesla Service in order to “enable same-hour service as often as possible.” In addition, the company released a software update that included a new and extremely useful feature for owners and the company—“self-diagnostics.” It became available to Tesla owners in the company's application, which is becoming an increasingly advanced tool for the manufacturer and its customers. Service scheduling for specific categories triggers diagnostics and informs owners if there is a problem and if service is required.

On Thursday, Musk stressed that he is devoting his personal time to improving Tesla Service to make it awesome. He also expressed hope that Tesla car owners have already begun to feel positive changes in the works.


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