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First Tesla Giga Berlin-Made Model Ys for Denmark Are Delivered

First Tesla Giga Berlin-Made Model Ys for Denmark Are Delivered

Photo: @TeslaBest/Twitter

The first German-made Model Ys landed in Denmark. Five Giga Berlin-made Model Y Performances were delivered during the event in Aarhus.

Exactly a week ago, the first deliveries of Model Ys made in Germany took place and the first 30 customers received delivery personally from the hands of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. All this time, the Giga Berlin team did not waste time and actively increased production in order to meet the huge demand in the European market as quickly as possible. It has now become known that the made-in-Germany Model Y was delivered outside of Germany for the first time.

@mortenlund89/Twitter brought Tesmanian's attention to an interesting tweet. @TeslaBest/Twitter revealed that Tesla delivered the first batch of Model Y to Denmark. According to his tweet, the delivery ceremony for the first five Model Y Performances is taking place at the delivery center in Aarhus.

The market is in dire need of Tesla cars, but at the moment, the manufacturer's production capacity is lower than demand. That is why the rapid ramp-up of production at the newly opened Giga Berlin plays a very important role. Europe is the third-largest market for Tesla in the world and during this year, the manufacturer will try to reach a high production capacity to meet demand as quickly as possible. It is expected that the ceremonies of the handover of Giga Berlin-made Model Ys will take place in several more countries in Europe in the near future.

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