Idaho Central Credit Union Launches NYDIG Bitcoin Services via Alkami Platform

Idaho Central Credit Union Launches NYDIG Bitcoin Services via Alkami Platform

Alkami Technology Inc. ("Alkami"), a leading cloud-based digital banking solutions provider for U.S. banks and credit unions, has announced that Idaho Central Credit Union ("ICCU") has implemented Bitcoin services through NYDIG and the Alkami Platform. Already a leader in ebranch, mobile, and digital banking, ICCU's partnership with NYDIG will allow Idaho Central members to buy and sell Bitcoin within its mobile app and online banking platform, the company said in a press release. 

"ICCU is the fastest growing credit union in the state of Idaho and one of the best performing credit unions in the country. To maintain that momentum, we want to continue offering new services as part of our digital menu and deliver additional value in support of the financial goals and investment desires of our members. Fully integrated bitcoin services through NYDIG and the Alkami Platform takes us to the next level when it comes to the member experience," said Mark Willden, chief information officer, ICCU.

NYDIG's partnership with Alkami enables financial institutions (FIs) to seamlessly offer their customers and members Bitcoin products and services via a trusted system that meets the highest regulatory standards. This helps FIs tackle industry demand for digital currency utilization while at the same time presenting offerings designed to exceed customer and member expectations.

Through the platform, ICCU can now empower its members with cutting-edge Bitcoin products and solutions—including the ability to buy, hold, sell, and manage Bitcoin alongside traditional accounts via a secure, regulated, modular platform that offers a wide range of use cases.

"Alkami is dedicated to empowering our clients to stay relevant with the future of finance. That's why we partnered with NYDIG to enable financial institutions to extend bitcoin options to their own users within a trusted, secure solution," said Stephen Bohanon, co-founder and chief strategy and sales officer, Alkami. "We are excited to help another financial institution confidently adapt and thrive in the digital banking age."

"ICCU's focus on member experience and on providing a diverse array of solutions has enabled it to build a reputation as one of the nation's leading credit unions, and its decision to implement bitcoin services through NYDIG and the Alkami Platform can supercharge that growth," said Patrick Sells, chief innovation officer at NYDIG. "Credit unions nationwide are eager to evolve and ensure their members have access to the promise of Bitcoin, and we at NYDIG couldn't be prouder of the role we are playing in enabling that evolution."


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