Tesla Attracts Partners to Accelerate 4680 Battery Production: Rumor

Tesla Attracts Partners to Accelerate 4680 Battery Production: Rumor

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According to rumors, Tesla is bringing in partners from China and Korea to improve its 4680 batteries. The manufacturer strives to create better and cheaper battery cells, in the shortest possible time.

Tesla is hiring Chinese and South Korean material suppliers to help lower the cost and boost the energy of its latest battery cells, Reuters said, citing unnamed sources. The company is looking to improve its batteries in order to speed up its production in the required quantities. According to the information, Tesla has brought in China's Ningbo Ronbay New Energy and Suzhou Dongshan Precision Manufacturing to help cut material costs. The details of these agreements were not disclosed.

If Tesla can meet its ambitious goal of producing 4680 cells, it will be key to reaching the company's goal of producing 20 million vehicles a year by 2030. Although at the moment we can see delays and difficulties due to completely new technology, once this is overcome, batteries will become Tesla's strong point.

In addition, the company intends to increase its own production by adding 4680 battery cells from Korean LG Energy Solution and Japanese Panasonic. LG and Panasonic are expected to supply batteries for the Cybertruck, one source said.

Tesla has considered three battery options for Cybertruck to ensure the pickup truck launch is not delayed again: 2170 battery cells, 4680 cells, and less expensive lithium iron phosphate cells. For now, the company has opted to wait until the 4680 elements are ready, the sources said. However, Elon Musk has previously said that batteries will not be a limiting factor for launching Cybertruck production, likely implying that the company has several options to power a pickup truck.

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