Tesla Cars Available to Uber Drivers for Rent in Canada Thanks to Hertz Partnership

Tesla Cars Available to Uber Drivers for Rent in Canada Thanks to Hertz Partnership

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Tesla cars will be available for rent for Uber drivers in Canada, starting this summer, thanks to a partnership with Hertz. Cars are available in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.

On July 18, Uber announced that it is helping to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles through a partnership with Hertz in Canada, where rideshare drivers using the Uber platform can now rent Tesla cars. The service is available to drivers in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. The first Teslas will be available this summer as part of a North American partnership with Hertz that was announced last fall. The company announced that by 2023, drivers will be able to rent 50,000 electric Teslas exclusively to drivers using the Uber network.

“Hertz is leading the way in electrification, shared mobility and a digital-first customer experience by offering the largest electric vehicle rental fleet in North America,” said Jeff Nieman, Hertz Senior Vice President, Operations Initiatives. “Canada is the next frontier for our exclusive partnership with Uber, reaffirming our commitment to being an environmentally-forward company.”

Uber recently conducted a survey of drivers in Canada and found that 71% of drivers on the platform are interested in switching to an electric car. This is important as these drivers drive more than the average person, which means that everyone who switches to an electric car has a huge impact on keeping the air clean. Studies have shown that when rideshare drivers switch to electric vehicles, they experience 3 to 4 times more emissions savings than average car owners. In addition, it brings huge economic benefits to drivers.

“Driver access to electric vehicles is an important part of Uber’s electrification goals,” said Michael van Hemmen, General Manager of Uber Canada Mobility. “Even with high gas prices, switching to an EV is a big decision. This partnership gives drivers an opportunity to try an electric vehicle as their primary rideshare vehicle and understand the benefits and cost savings of going electric.”

Drivers can save on gas as well as earn higher earning potential with the Uber Zero Emissions incentive, which lets them earn an extra $1 on every fully electric trip driven with Uber, the company said in a press release. Renting will include insurance and maintenance. For the initial launch period, drivers will need at least a 4.85-star rating and have completed at least 150 trips to be eligible.

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