Tesla Cybertruck Body Is Made of Steel Dynamics' Steel, Like SpaceX Starship

Tesla Cybertruck Body Is Made of Steel Dynamics' Steel, Like SpaceX Starship

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The Tesla Cybertruck body is made of Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI) steel, just like SpaceX's Starship, confirms the descriptions at the Petersen Automotive Museum exhibition. The technologies of the two companies are closely intertwined to accelerate the development of the automotive and aerospace industries.

On November 2, the exhibition “Inside Tesla: Supercharging the Electric Revolution,” dedicated to all aspects of the company and more, kicked off at the Petersen Automotive Museum. It features Tesla vehicles and technology, as well as booths with exhibits and information about SpaceX, The Boring Company, and Hyperloop.

Of particular attention was the description of what material Cybertruck is made of, since earlier, this issue caused a lot of controversies. At the end of 2020, San Patricio County Judge David Krebs revealed that the Steel Dynamics plant, construction of which was started in Sinton, TX, in 2019, will supply steel for Cybertruck production. He explained that Tesla will use steel from Steel Dynamics and improve it with its own technology through a third-party company.

“Now some of these other companies who work with SDI will actually be taking SDI's product and refining it a little bit better we're hearing that one of the companies that were pretty close to probably getting close is a company that's going to be taking STI steel redoing it and that steel will actually be going into the Tesla cars that they're moving in from California to manufacture here,” he said.

At that time, apart from Krebs's words, there was no evidence that this corresponded to reality. Steel Dynamics itself, when asked by Bloomberg journalist Dana Hull, replied that it does not supply directly to Tesla. In fact, this was true, since, as the facts showed, Tesla received their steel, but refined in accordance with its own technologies, through another company.

Now, a description from one of Tesla's booths at the Petersen Automotive Museum indicates that the body of the Cybertruck, as well as the SpaceX Starship, is made from steel produced by Steel Dynamics. The museum exhibition was prepared in close cooperation with Tesla and the descriptions of all exhibits were developed jointly.

“We worked with Petersen for over two years on every detail of this exhibit. It started off with a small idea and grew to something amazing,” said Franz von Holzhausen, Senior Design Executive at Tesla, during the opening ceremony.

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