Tesla Cybertruck Likely to Deliver with 350+ Mile Range

Tesla Cybertruck Likely to Deliver with 350+ Mile Range

Credit: CHC/Cybertruck Owners Club

  • The first production Tesla Cybertrucks could have a range of more than 350 miles.
  • This corresponds to the dual-motor version of the pickup truck.
  • It is expected that Tesla will later present other versions, with a different range.

Tesla Cybertruck is still a mystery as the public does not know many details about it. At the moment, price and range are the most sought-after pieces of information that consumers want. While the price is still unknown, we have gotten an idea of the truck's range.

Cybertruck Owners Club member CHC shared some very interesting information on the forum that has provided some clarity. He said he was lucky enough to see Cybertruck at a Supercharger in Mojave, California. He also managed to speak briefly with the engineer, who seemed relatively open. A Tesla employee said he does not know what the pickup truck's range is because all RCs only display battery percentages. However, he said that Cybertruck is “as good as or better than a Model X.” Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Model X has a range of 348 miles. Based on the Tesla engineer's response, it can be assumed that the Cybertruck's range could be about 350 miles or even more.

At the moment, we do not have much information about the pickup truck. However, according to earlier mentions, the single motor has a range of 250-plus miles, the dual motor boasts 300-plus miles of range, and the top-tier Tri-Motor setup should provide more than 500 miles on a single charge. Thus, it is expected that the first Cybertrucks will be dual motors. However, the company will later add a longer-range version, likely around 500 miles, as advertised during its 2019 unveiling.

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