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Tesla FSD Beta Saves Driver's Life in T-Bone Collision with Honda Pickup Truck

von Eva Fox Mai 14, 2022

Tesla FSD Beta Saves Driver's Life in T-Bone Collision with Honda Pickup Truck

Photo: Dennis Perez

Tesla FSD Beta saved a driver's life in a t-bone collision with a Honda pickup truck that ran a red light. The impact hit the front left side of the Tesla car, instead of hitting the driver's door, thanks to the latest technology detecting the danger and immediately braking.

While Tesla's FSD Beta is known for its ability to drive with little or no driver intervention, we often overlook its high ability to protect from accidents. This recent accident reminded us that the latest driving technology from Tesla is a lifesaver for all road users.

Footage of the crash involving the Tesla Model 3 was posted on YouTube by Wham Baam Teslacam, and noticed by InsideEVs. Dennis Perez from Livermore shared his car accident story and a video of it filmed by TeslaCam. According to the video, after the traffic light turned green, the vehicle, driven by the FSD Beta, began moving to the left. However, at some point the Model 3 braked and a second later another car crashed into it. The driver of a Honda Ridgeline pickup truck ran a red light and crashed into the Model 3 exiting the intersection. The electric vehicle was hit in the front left fender.

It is noteworthy that FSD Beta, after noticing the danger, immediately braked, and did not go further into the intersection. If the Tesla had not slowed down, the main impact would have been on the driver's door, which could have caused more serious injury to Dennis. However, Tesla's latest driving technology prevented the worst and protected its owner. As a result, the driver sustained no injuries other than bruises.

Dennis said that, after he receives the insurance payment, he would order a car from Tesla again, only this time he would prefer Model Y.

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