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Tesla FSD Beta Should Be Ready for Global Rollout Before End of 2022; Autopilot Improvements Continue

Tesla FSD Beta Should Be Ready for Global Rollout Before End of 2022; Autopilot Improvements Continue

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Tesla FSD Beta has been installed on 160,000 vehicles and should be ready for a global rollout by the end of 2022. Models from the FSD software are increasingly being implemented to the regular Autopilot system, enhancing it.

Tesla FSD Beta—on its way to making driving more autonomous—was one of the key topics of AI Day held on September 30. The latest update,, significantly increased the number of testers; now there are 160,000 cars with the installed software, up from 100,000 before. This was made possible by the manufacturer extending access to FSD Beta for owners with a Safety Score above 80, as previously promised. The move is indicative of a surge in confidence in FSD Beta's capabilities, and the AI ​​Day update confirms this.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that from a technical standpoint, FSD Beta should be ready for global rollout by the end of 2022. However, it is worth noting that for many countries the rollout of the program will require regulatory approval, and such approvals may well delay the release of FSD Beta there. This is especially true for Europe. Tesla has a large European customer base willing to test software responsibly, but the regulatory authorities are very strict and getting approval there can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. Also, readiness for global deployment does not mean that FSD Beta will be deployed all over the world at once, but we can presume that it will go beyond North America. Musk has previously said that it could be Norway, but he did not make any specific announcements during AI Day.

While Tesla customers around the world are looking forward to being part of the testing program, customers in North America will enjoy even more benefits from FSD Beta. Musk said they will experience a pretty big improvement soon with the new update due out soon. The head of Tesla said he already drives a version that handles city and highway driving equally well and works well for him. Now it needs to be confirmed that it is better than the software currently used under various weather conditions and Tesla is very close to that. Musk explained that this will definitely happen before the end of this year.

While FSD owners outside of North America cannot test the beta version, they still have access to the improvements that have been validated by extensive testing. The team member explained that models from the FSD software are increasingly migrated to the regular Autopilot system with system updates. So rest assured your cars continue to become safer and more capable even without access to FSD Beta.

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