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Tesla Giga Berlin Aims to Produce 1k Model Ys Weekly by End of April, with Two-Shift Work from July & 4680 Cells from Autumn

Tesla Giga Berlin Aims to Produce 1k Model Ys Weekly by End of April, with Two-Shift Work from July & 4680 Cells from Autumn

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Tesla Giga Berlin is actively developing, aiming to produce 1,000 Model Ys per week by the end of April. The transition to two-shift work should begin in July, which will increase the factory's performance. The production of 4680 battery cells is due to start in the fall of 2022.

Tesla began production at Giga Berlin at the end of March and ceremonially handed over the first 30 Model Ys on March 22. Since then, hundreds of German-made vehicles have been delivered domestically as well as to a number of European countries. At the moment there are no official figures indicating the performance of Giga Berlin, however information has appeared from unofficial sources.

As of today, the factory is producing about 350 Model Ys per week, German news outlet Automobilwoche reported, citing an unnamed source. However, by the end of April, Giga Berlin should reach a production capacity of around 1,000 units per week. So, if a manufacturer will produce 1,000 Model Ys per week by the end of the year, the result would be about 35,000 vehicles in 2022. However, Automobilwoche claims that Tesla only plans to produce around 30,000 cars this year. But it seems that this is not correct.

Further in the article, it is reported that the manufacturer intends to start working in two shifts starting in July. If we do not ignore this information, it becomes obvious that an increase in the number of shifts directly leads to an increase in production. If this were not the case, then it would not make sense to start working in two shifts at all. Do not expect a second shift to double production, but it could bring in a few hundred more Model Ys a week extra.

Automobilwoche also reported that Tesla planned to shut down production for three weeks in the fall, which would undoubtedly have a negative impact on production figures, but hardly dramatically. It is reported that the stop will occur in connection with the re-equipment of production lines, since around this period the production of 4680 battery cells should begin, and, accordingly, the production of Model Y with them. This is extremely positive news that will surely please investors and Tesla customers who are awaiting their cars with the new battery type.

At the moment, the actual planned number of Model Y production in 2022 remains unknown. However, given the information provided, it becomes obvious that Giga Berin is able to produce much more than 30,000 units in 2022. Perhaps the manufacturer will give an update, or at least a hint about it, during the upcoming Q1 2022 Earnings Call.

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