Tesla Giga Berlin Battery Manufacturing Team Gets to Work as Plant Construction Continues

Tesla Giga Berlin Battery Manufacturing Team Gets to Work as Plant Construction Continues

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The battery manufacturing team at Tesla Giga Berlin has already started working, sources say, in preparation for production once the battery factory is ready. As soon as the facilities are operational in Germany, employees will be able to quickly get to work, which could happen as early as 2022.

Manufacturing its own battery cells for Tesla is one of the key points. The 4680 cell developed by the company is a game-changer in the industry and will only extend the gap from competitors. Tesla equips its Giga Texas and Giga Berlin with factories to manufacture new cells so that they can be produced locally, significantly reducing their production costs.

Throughout 2021, the American manufacturer actively recruited a battery cell manufacturing team for Giga Berlin. Hundreds of positions are no longer displayed on the company's website and have not been re-displayed, which indicates that they have been filled. Today the company employs on only about 20 job positions, most of which are related to the manufacturing of battery cells.

The battery factory building at Giga Berlin is under construction and progressing at a very fast pace. Part of it already has a roof, while another part has supports and partly a roof frame. Given the speed at which Tesla can build, the building will be completed sometime in 2022.

Despite the fact that the building of the battery factory is not yet ready, this does not mean that the specialists hired for the production of batteries are waiting for it to be completed before starting their duties. Tesmanian's source at Giga Berlin indicates that specialists have already started work some time ago and new specialists are joining the team. Although the direction of their activities is still unclear, it can be assumed that there is a lot that needs to be done before starting production.

The 4680 battery technology is new and incorporates many new processes and equipment developed by the company. Therefore, any new specialists will need to undergo training before they can work in production. As such, the activities they are currently engaged in could include learning and training at Tesla's facilities in Fremont, in the battery factory located on Kato Road. After that, once the Giga Berlin factory is finished and the equipment is installed and set up, they can start production immediately.

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