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Tesla Giga Nevada Welcomed Students to Share Educational & Career Opportunities

Tesla Giga Nevada Welcomed Students to Share Educational & Career Opportunities

Image: Nevada Appeal

Tesla Giga Nevada welcomed more than twenty students to share information about educational and career opportunities for them related to technology and sustainability. The meeting included a tour of the factory, a conversation with company employees, and an experiment.

Last week, more than two dozen Pioneer students had the opportunity to learn about educational and career opportunities related to technology and sustainability at the Tesla factory in Nevada, according to the Nevada Appeal. Giga Nevada produces battery cells, battery packs, drive units, and energy modules, which are the basis for building a sustainable future.

The visit began in the lobby, where the students admired the “living wall” of various plants and listened to the introduction. Employees of the company spoke about Tesla's vision of the future, in which all transport runs on electricity, and energy is generated from clean renewable sources. They told the students about the mission of the company. After that, the group went to see the different motor types for the various car models that are being built at the factory.

The students were divided into groups. One group went on a tour of the factory, where they saw the processes of creating advanced technologies. During the tour, the students were shown parts of the motor and battery. They said they were impressed with robotics and factory automation. Another group met with Tesla employees, who gave the students more details about the factory and also did a little experiment together. The students built miniature motors using a battery, a magnet, and a coil of wire.

In addition to information about the manufacturing processes at Giga Nevada, students learned about the factory's history and some of the trials and successes that have taken place over the years. They learned how Tesla used the lessons learned to improve all of their next factories.

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