Tesla Adds Self-Diagnostics Feature to App as Part of Car Service Improvement Plan

Tesla Adds Self-Diagnostics Feature to App as Part of Car Service Improvement Plan

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Tesla has added a new self diagnostics feature to its app as it works to ensure that most of its vehicles receive service as soon as possible. Activating this feature can speed up the detection of issues in the vehicle before it reaches the appointment, which saves wasted service time.

Tesla launched a new and extremely useful feature for owners and the company, “self diagnostics.” It has become available to Tesla owners in the company's app, which is becoming an increasingly advanced tool for the manufacturer and its customers. A few weeks ago, @tesla_adri/Twitter and @Tesla_App_iOS found it in the source code and have now noticed that it has been added with a new update. Service scheduling for certain categories triggers diagnostics and informs owners if there is a problem and service is needed, explained @tesla_adri.

In fact, this feature was previously available to Tesla employees, and has now been given wider access. This is most likely part of a broader initiative by the company to speed up customer service in service centers, as Elon Musk previously spoke about.

For ten years, Tesla has placed great emphasis on manufacturing. However, now that two mass-produced vehicles, the Model 3 and Model Y, have been designed and built, and about 3 million vehicles have been delivered to the market, the company must focus on maintaining its fleet. The new feature can help save a lot of time for owners and Tesla service employees.

Before scheduling a visit to the service center, the car will be able to determine the problem itself. Thus, the system will already contain information about what the employee needs to pay attention to during the visit, which can save quite a lot of time. In addition to this, the client will be able to quickly and independently find out what the problem is with his/her car in order to evaluate the plan of action. In addition, some detected problems can be fixed with a software update, which can happen remotely, meaning that the car does not even need to be delivered to a service center.

When Musk said that Tesla was working to get most of its vehicles in North America to be serviced on the same day, it was unclear how the company could achieve this. Now that self diagnostics is launched, it becomes obvious that it will play one of the key roles in this.

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