Tesla Is Bringing Back Park Assist for Vehicles Without Ultrasonic Sensors in New Update

Tesla Is Bringing Back Park Assist for Vehicles Without Ultrasonic Sensors in New Update

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Tesla is bringing back Park Assist for vehicles without ultrasonic sensors (USS) with a new update. It is a Vision-based solution that detects objects 360° around the vehicle to make parking easier.

In the fall of 2022, Tesla announced that it had stopped using USS in its vehicles as it moved to Tesla Vision, a camera-based Autopilot system. This was implemented first for Model 3 and Y, and later for Model S and X. The change was supposed to coincide with the launch of the Vision-based occupancy network, but the related software for measuring distances to nearby objects was not completed in time.

Now, along with update 2022.45.11, which rolled out over the weekend, Tesla has activated Tesla Vision Park Assist, according to an observation by @greentheonly/Twitter. An interesting observation is that it has significant improvements over the previous USS. Previously, information about nearby objects was provided only from the front and rear of the vehicle. Now, Park Assist detects objects 360° around the vehicle, which is a huge improvement.

It is worth bearing in mind that at the moment, the update only applies to vehicles that do not have USS installed. Therefore, you would not be able to see this feature if your vehicles have USS installed, according to Drive Tesla. The new 2022.45.11 update, which also includes FSD Beta v11.3.2, is being rolled out slowly, probably for safety reasons, in order to control its proper operation as much as possible.

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