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Tesla Megachargers Are Being Installed at Giga Nevada as Semi Production Nears

Tesla Megachargers Are Being Installed at Giga Nevada as Semi Production Nears

Photo: @SawyerMerritt/Twitter

Tesla has begun installing Megachargers for Semi trucks near Giga Nevada. These chargers will charge Semis, the production of which could start soon, as the company had previously planned.

@SawyerMerritt/Twitter reported that Tesla started installing Megachargers in Giga Nevada and shared some photos. Although he did not have further information, he expressed the opinion that they are being built for the Tesla Semi test vehicles for trips between Fremont and Giga Nevada. In support of his thesis, Sawyer pointed out the fact that the company is now focused on ramping up Model Y production and starting the production of Cybertruck. This is also in line with earlier claims by Elon Musk that the company does not currently have enough batteries to start production of Semi.

While Sawyer's thoughts make a lot of sense, it is also worth considering the fact that Tesla may start to gradually produce a small number of trucks to deliver to its first customers using the battery cells now manufactured at Fremont. They should be enough to produce some amount of Semi for further testing or even to fulfill some of the existing orders for it.

At the end of last year and throughout 2021, Tesla recruited specialists for the production of Semi at Giga Nevada. It was later revealed that the manufacturer had acquired a building of over 500,000 square feet in an industrial park in Nevada, which was to begin small-scale production of an electric truck. It is located next to a warehouse owned by Tesla. Already in March, according to information from several sources, it became known that Tesla was building a production line for Semi in this building, which coincided with the jobs posting for this purpose by the company on its website.

In addition, in May it became known that the FritoLay delivery center, located at 600 Garner Road in Modesto, California, was installing the first Megachargers to charge the Tesla Semi. They will service the first 15 of 100 electric trucks ordered by PepsiCo, due for delivery this year. Although there has been no update on this since then, there is a high probability that Tesla will still be able to manufacture and supply trucks in the coming months using its production line in Nevada.

The installation of Megachargers in Nevada clearly indicates the progress of the Semi program. Even if they only service the company's test tracks in the near future, they will also charge the first Semi produced for sale. The installation of dedicated charging stations indicates that Tesla, at a minimum, is keen to test their new standard of chargers for permanent use, and possibly the fact that the company will soon have trucks in higher numbers, which will require a lot of charging stations.

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