Tesla Megapacks Power Mainland Europe's Largest BESS, Launched in Belgium

Tesla Megapacks Power Mainland Europe's Largest BESS, Launched in Belgium

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40 Tesla Megapacks power the largest BESS in mainland Europe launched in Belgium. The project is financed by a private company and is used to stabilize the power grid.

A French private investor, Corsica Sole, has built the largest battery energy storage system (BESS) in continental Europe in Hainaut, Belgium, with an investment of 33 million euros. The BESS is located next to the interchange of grid operator Elia and consists of 40 Tesla Megapacks, according to De TIJD. Corsica Sole is not a big player in the market but has battery-powered solar farms in Corsica and the French overseas islands.

“Battery projects have been used to temporarily store excess solar power locally. Now they are used to ensure the stability of the network,” says CEO Michael Coudyser. He expects battery farms to develop rapidly because it is the best technology for storing green energy. “Due to the energy transition and more renewables, more storage space will also be needed.”

“The battery is discharged and is now supplying the Elia grid,” explains an employee about the BESS. The park can supply up to 50 megawatts, making it the largest not only in Belgium, but in all of continental Europe. The largest installation in Europe, which also consists of a Tesla Megapack, is in the UK.

Corsica Sole mainly uses the BESS to provide “support services,” i.e. grid stabilization, to the Elia energy operator. In addition, the BESS generates income from buying cheap energy during off-peak hours and selling it during peak hours. This activity is interesting now that prices have peaked due to the energy crisis.

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