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Tesla Model 3 in North America Gets Up to $5,500 Off from Inventory

Tesla Model 3

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The Tesla Model 3 in North America has received up to a $5,500 discount to purchase from inventory. This gives consumers an excellent opportunity to significantly save on the car.

Tesla has again reduced the prices of its Model 3 vehicles in North America when buying from inventory. The company already applied discounts in the US up to $3,040 in June, so the extra discount makes Model 3 very attractive to order now. The new discounts are now over $4,100 for Model 3 RWD and over $5,000 for Model 3 Long Range. Model 3 Performance is over $5,500 off at select locations. Plus, when you factor in the $7,500 federal tax credit, you can buy Model 3 at the best price ever. Similar discounts have also begun to operate in Canada.

Model 3 prices are extremely attractive. This may indicate that Tesla is trying to sell off stock quickly. In light of recent news, this appears to be ahead of the launch of a refreshed Model 3, codenamed Project Highland. According to expectations, its deliveries should begin in September. At the moment, there have been a lot of rumors around Giga Shanghai, which allegedly already started production of the refreshed Model 3. However, its production in the US is also expected to start around the same time. At least the paperwork for the conversion of the production line at the Fremont factory was filed around the same time as for Giga Shanghai.

More and more people around the world are seeing covered Model 3s being tested on public roads. The cars have been spotted numerous times in the US, as well as in China, Spain, Germany, and France. Usually, the increase in testing of new cars in the wild occurs when the official release is just around the corner.

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