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Tesla Model 3 Is Spain’s Best-Selling EV in 2022, Model Y Takes 3rd

Tesla Model 3 Is Spain’s Best-Selling EV in 2022, Model Y Takes 3rd

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y during 2022 summer tour in Spain. Photo: Gonzalo Serratosa Cañamás

Tesla Model 3 became the best-selling EV in Spain in 2022. Model Y finished in third place, having sold just one unit fewer than its second place competitor.

As expected, Tesla cars became the EV market leaders in Spain in 2022, with two models in the top 3. During the year, the number of registrations of the manufacturer's vehicles was quite strong, and they repeatedly became the top sellers for the month. The achievement of this result comes despite Tesla's export hub, Giga Shanghai, not delivering many cars to Spain in Q2 due to the COVID-19 lockdown in China.

Nevertheless, in terms of total sales for the year, Tesla became the leader. According to EU-EVs, Tesla Model 3, with 2,677 sales, was the best-selling electric vehicle in Spain in 2022. More than 800 units behind, Fiat 500E took second place with 1,866 registered units. Just behind it, only one sale fewer, is Model Y with 1,865 registrations, giving it a solid third place. Thus, both Tesla cars entered the top 3, which underlines the consumer's love for the brand's vehicles. In fourth place is the Kia Niro with 1,513 sales. Citroen E-C4 closes out the top 5 with 1,418 units.

Spain continues to show a growing interest in Tesla vehicles, which is a great achievement. Switching to electric vehicles is an important step towards reducing the harmful impact of human activities on the environment. Given Spain's potential for renewable energy, electric vehicles are an ideal choice for the local population and we hope that their share will increase significantly in 2023.

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