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Tesla Model 3 Shows High Reliability in Long-Term Ownership, per Survey

Tesla Model 3 Shows High Reliability in Long-Term Ownership, per Survey

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According to a survey, Tesla Model 3 demonstrates high reliability in long-term ownership. The car's ratings were particularly impressive for performance, ease of use, and design.

Bloomberg conducted an extensive survey of Tesla Model 3 owners. They had to rate reliability, service, the battery, and driving experience. The car was first released to the market in 2017, meaning the first owners already have at least five years of ownership experience. The publication asked thousands of early Model 3 owners about how the car has stood the test of time and how it stacks up against previous cars they have owned. Notably, most owners said they still love their Model 3 very much.

Longtime Model 3 owners, after all their years of ownership, still give nearly perfect marks for driving pleasure. The ratings were exceptional for performance, ease of use, and design. Although the first cars had minor manufacturing defects, the company fixed them in its service centers. This provided a positive ownership experience. The continued reliability of Model 3 has been praised by owners, and these ratings have increased even more over time. Owners in 2023 reported that after correcting any initial defects, if any, the main systems worked perfectly.

Bloomberg asked Model 3 owners to rate reliability across six vehicle dimensions. Some of the top ratings went to the battery and electric-drive systems that are unique to EVs. Exterior reliability was the lowest. However, the car's reliability has been highly rated in every major category and early buyers are still satisfied.

The highest feature score was for Tesla's over-the-air updates (4.79). Through it, the company carries out recalls and adds new features—from the Sentry Mode security system to the beloved “Dog Mode.” Other highly rated features include the sound system (4.76), maps and directions (4.71), keyless entry (4.62), seat comfort (4.58), touchscreen controls (4.56), and the Tesla phone app (4.49).

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