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Tesla Model X Saves Owner's Life in Serious Collision, Provides Excellent Protection

Tesla Model X Saves Owner's Life in Serious Collision, Provides Excellent Protection

Image: @plaz_red/Twitter

Tesla Model X saved its owner's life in a head-on collision. Collision Avoidance Assist reduced the impact and the body of the car provided protection. Occupants managed to get out of the car before the neighboring car began to burn and the flames spread to the Model X.

Tesla vehicles are the safest to date, which has been proven in a number of tests by safety agencies around the world. A recent accident involving a Tesla Model X, which took place last Monday in New Jersey, once again proved that all the company's cars are made with safety as a core principle.

@plaz_red/Twitter shared that his mom had an accident from which she managed to get out almost unscathed. When she was driving her Model X on a city road, Collision Avoidance Assist kicked in and her car suddenly gave her an impact warning. She saw that another car was moving toward her, on the wrong lane of the road, and was shocked, not knowing what to do. The Model X began to slow down and pull itself to the side of the road as much as possible. Unfortunately, there was a fence, so there was no room for maneuvering. A collision with a vehicle that was driving on the wrong side of the road could not be avoided, but the Model X did its best to reduce the impact.

Immediately after the collision, the falcon wing doors automatically opened, making it possible for occupants to get out of the car. The dog, who was in the back seat of the car, immediately ran out. @plaz_red's mom also exited the car safely with only a few minor bruises. The Model X battery was not damaged. However, the front end of the gasoline car that caused the accident caught fire and the flames spread to the Model X. Ultimately, both cars were significantly damaged by the fire.

The Tesla Model X did an excellent job of protecting its passengers, using not only passive but also active safety systems. The owners are very upset that they have lost their beloved car, which had access to lifetime free Supercharging. However, they are very grateful that it saved their lives.

Keep in mind that due to a lack of in-depth knowledge of Tesla vehicles, @plaz_red erroneously stated that the vehicle was driven by FSD. During a conversation with him, Tesmanian found out that the car was driven by his mother, not FSD, and a few seconds before the accident, Collision Avoidance Assist was activated.

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