Tesla Model Y in March Became Denmark’s Best-Selling Car of Any Month Ever

Tesla Model Y in March Became Denmark’s Best-Selling Car of Any Month Ever

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Tesla Model Y became the best-selling car in Denmark in March 2023. Strong sales last month also made Tesla the top-selling brand in the country for the entire Q1, well outperforming its competitors.

Tesla continues to demonstrate strong success in the Danish automotive market. Thanks to strong sales, Tesla Model Y became the best-selling car in the country in March. In January, the car was the second most popular in Denmark, and in February its position strengthened, taking first place. In March, the situation did not change, except that Model Y achieved a new impressive result, even further increasing its lead over competitors.

With an impressive 3,203 units sold, Model Y was the #1 best-selling car in Denmark in March, regardless of powertrain, according to Mathias Føns/Twitter. It is noteworthy that this was the country's record for registered cars in any month ever. The previous record was held by Ford Kuga, which registered 1,688 vehicles in 2020.

Thanks to the extremely strong Model Y sales results in March, the overall situation for Tesla improved even more in Q1. Tesla, with 5,225 sales, was the nation's best-selling brand for the entire quarter, with a huge lead over its closest competitor. According to Tesla Club Denmark/Twitter, Volkswagen, its closest competitor, sold 3,555 vehicles in the first three months of the year. This demonstrates a huge gap of 1,670 units behind Tesla. In third place is Toyota with 3,262 sales. In fourth place is Audi with 2,814 units. Closing out the top 5 is Hyundai with 2,476 units sold.

Tesla significantly lowered the prices of its vehicles in January, contributing to a huge increase in demand in Q1 2023. Giga Berlin continues to ramp up production capacity, enabling fast delivery of large numbers of vehicles. Recently, the factory reached a production capacity of 5,000 Model Ys per week.

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