Tesla Model Y Body Built for Structural Battery Pack with 4680 Cells Again Spotted at Giga Texas

von Eva Fox Januar 16, 2022

Tesla Model Y Body Built for Structural Battery Pack with 4680 Cells Again Spotted at Giga Texas

Photo: Joe Tegtmeyer/Twitter

Tesla has developed its own 4680 batteries and initially intends to install them in Model Ys made at Giga Texas and Giga Berlin. A Model Y body without bottom has been spotted at Giga Texas, suggesting a 4680 cell structured battery pack would be installed there.

Giga Texas is developing at a very fast pace, and although it may seem that the plant is still a long way from producing cars, it is not. Based on all the information available today, it becomes obvious that all the workshops necessary for the production of Model Y are already prepared to begin operation. Analyst research has also shown that production at the factory can start any day now.

The Giga Texas-built Model Y will be different from those currently mare at Tesla's Fremont factory. The most important difference is the use of a structured battery pack with 4680 battery cells. In fact, the body of such a Model Y will not have a typical bottom, but instead will have a structural battery pack, directly onto which the seats will be mounted.

Joe Tegtmeyer/Twitter, who is constantly following the construction of Giga Texas, noticed another Model Y body that was significantly different from those currently in production. It was missing a bottom, which was the clearest sign that it was a Model Y body with a 4680 cell structural battery pack. Joe first noticed a similar body at the end of December 2021, only it was gray.

Initially at Giga Texas, Tesla will produce Model Y with 2170 battery cells, as production of 4680 cells has not yet reached mass production enough to be used in Model Y in the U.S., according to an earlier statement by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. However, as soon as this becomes possible, the company should be ready to switch to the production of bodies, which will be equipped with the new battery without delays. Also, do not underestimate the possibility that Tesla may have already started production of some Model Ys with 4680 battery cells, and Giga Texas could also start production of some other cars with new designs.

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