Tesla Model Y Spotted at Test Facility in India

Tesla Model Y Spotted at Test Facility in India

Image: Carversal

A Tesla Model Y was spotted at the Mahindra test facility in Pune, India, according to spy shots. This hints at the successful implementation of the plan to enter the Indian market, which has already been expected for about six years.

The recently resumed talks between Tesla and India are bearing fruit. In early August, it became known that the manufacturer had rented a space for an office. Now, Carversal has released images of the recently spotted Model Y. The car was seen parked inside Mahindra’s Test Facility in Pune.

New observations of Model Y in India hint that negotiations were successful. The company also rented an office for its national headquarters. It is reported Tesla will move in there starting in October 2023. Although the manufacturer has previously formed a local team, rented an office, and brought cars for testing, this time, such activity has an important difference.

The wait for Tesla in India has been long, and seeing new activity brings great hope to local consumers. They have been waiting for the opportunity to officially order the company's cars for about six years. Tesla's entry was delayed by the fact that the tax on car imports in the country is prohibitively high, and the company did not want to build a factory there without first studying the market. However, the manufacturer has developed a car on a new platform, which is expected to sell for about $25,000. This was the reason Tesla resumed negotiations with the Indian government. Therefore, new activity in the country hints that Tesla is starting an activity that will eventually lead to market entry.

Mahindra's Testing Facility in Pune offers optimal driving conditions in the Indian terrain and also has a wide range of proving grounds to test the vehicle's various capabilities. This makes it the best choice for car manufacturers to test their vehicles in India before full-on-road camouflage testing.

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