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Tesla Model Y with BYD Batteries Demonstrates High Charging Performance

Tesla Model Y with BYD Batteries Demonstrates High Charging Performance

Tesla has delivered the first batch of Model Y with BYD batteries. According to customer data, the vehicles demonstrate high charging performance, charging from 11% to 71% in 15 minutes.

Tesla has delivered the first batch of rear-wheel drive Model Y versions with BYD batteries from its Giga Berlin, Germany. This is the first time Tesla has used BYD batteries for production. Some customers have already posted data on the charging power and SOC of the new model on the TFF forum.

According to CSEVTech, the new car still uses integrated casting technology for the front and rear ends. The difference lies in the battery, which is now supplied by BYD. According to the data, the RWD version with BYD batteries has a capacity of 55 kWh and a range of 440 kilometers (273 miles). Although the battery capacity is lower than in the Long Range and Performance versions, this new car's performance in terms of charging is very good.

The peak power of the new car can be maintained in the 170kW+ range for a long time, and the power at a later stage is also higher than the CATL LFP version. It can also charge from 11% to 71% in 15 minutes. The Model Y with a CATL LFP battery has similar initial charging characteristics, but power drops off quickly afterward, and at 50% it can only support about 110kW.

The BYD blade battery can support about 172kW until the battery level is 50%, and then it drops at around 90%. Thus, the charging performance of Model Y with a blade battery is more impressive than the CATL version throughout the entire charging process.

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