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Tesla Model Ys with Structural Battery Packs Spotted Being Shipped Out of Giga Texas, Presumably to Delivery Centers

Tesla Model Ys with Structural Battery Packs Spotted Being Shipped Out of Giga Texas, Presumably to Delivery Centers

Photo: Jeff Roberts/Twitter

Tesla Model Ys with structural battery packs with 4680 cells were spotted being shipped out of Giga Texas, presumably to delivery centers. Although the company has not announced the official start of production, it seems that the final certification of cars is over, which will be announced soon.

EV enthusiasts are waiting for Tesla's new US factory to go live. In its latest Q4 and Fiscal 2021 report and subsequent Earnings Call, Tesla said that the assembly of Model Y at Giga Texas began already at the end of 2021. Since the Model Y assembly in Texas has been going on for some time, it is possible that Tesla may have stockpiled some vehicles in order to initially deliver a big batch of vehicles. Tesla said that the cars are currently undergoing final certification, after which it plans to begin the first deliveries.

"Builds of Model Ys started in late 2021 at Gigafactory Texas. After final certification of Austin-made Model Y, we plan to start deliveries to customers."

Since it has been a few weeks since this announcement, there is a high possibility that the Giga Texas-made Model Y, equipped with 4680 battery cells and a structural battery pack, will be approved in the coming days, if has not already, and could be delivered to customers soon.

A truck loaded with Model Ys leaving Giga Texas was spotted by Jeff Roberts/Twitter. There is every reason to believe that the cars are being sent to Tesla delivery center(s) in order to be handed over to owners soon. This conclusion can be drawn not only because, according to the time frame, certification may already be completed, but also because other reasons for these new cars being taken out of the factory seem less likely.

We can see that the trailer is loaded with Model Y in different colors and specifications. If the cars were sent for another test, then most likely they would be painted in one or two different colors and would have the same interior trim. However, all cars have different colors and different interior trims. In addition, on the truck, among others, there is a Model Y Performance. In general, the truck is as loaded with vehicles as any other truck transporting Tesla vehicles to delivery centers.

In addition, Jeff claims that these Model Y are equipped with 4680 batteries, and therefore a structural battery pack. During the Q4 Earnings Call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that at the factory in Austin, the manufacturer is building cars with a structural battery pack and 4680 cells, so it becomes clear that the cars seen have a completely new battery architecture.

"So, in Texas, we're building the Model Ys with the structural battery pack and the 4680 cells, and we'll start delivering after final certification of the vehicle, which should be fairly soon."

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