Tesla Semi Showed Crushing Superiority over Competitors in Real-World Test

Tesla Semi Showed Crushing Superiority over Competitors in Real-World Test

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Tesla Semi showed crushing superiority over its competitors in a real-world test. The truck is a leader in range, performance, and the only one with superfast charging capabilities.

The first tests of Tesla Semi in the real world showed its huge advantage, which will ultimately become decisive. In September, the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) hosted a “Run on Less” event that showcased the real-world capabilities of several electric trucks. Now the first data have been published and clear conclusions can be drawn.

The test was a real success for Tesla Semi and highlighted its advantages over its competitors. Tesla's Class 8 truck demonstrated advantages in range, performance, and charging efficiency.

“Tesla is the leader in terms of performance and range,” John Boesel, CEO of Calstart told Automotive News. “They are also the only ones demonstrating superfast charge capability.”

NACFE observed 22 trucks that are fulfilling actual freight orders for more than three weeks. The researchers assessed truck performance, range, cost of ownership, charging infrastructure and other metrics. The findings were clear: Tesla Semi was the clear leader.

Tesla electric trucks operated by PepsiCo averaged many more miles per day than any other vehicle throughout the Run on Less event. The data showed that Semi could travel about 400 miles on a single charge, arriving at the charger with some charge left over. The truck can then charge to 80 percent in just 45 minutes, which is impossible for any other competitor.

One of PepsiCo's Tesla Semi averaged about 574 miles per day over 18 days during testing. By comparison, WattEV's Nikola Tre BEV averaged about 255 miles per day, more than half that of the Semi. OK Produce's Freightliner eCascadia had an average range of about 181 miles, and Performance Team's Volvo VNR Electric had an average range of about 175 miles per day.

A notable example was one of the Tesla Semis tested drove 1,076 miles in one day. The truck fast-charged three times using 750-kilowatt chargers. During these recharges, the battery charge increased to about 47 percent, then to 89 percent, and then to 52 percent, allowing it to cover such a huge distance in just one day.

PepsiCo reported that 60 percent of all its Tesla Semi miles driven during the event were driven with a gross vehicle weight of more than 72,000 pounds.

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