Tesla Speeds Up Deliveries of Model Y in Australia as Giga Shanghai Upgrade Unlocks Factory's Full Potential

Tesla Speeds Up Deliveries of Model Y in Australia as Giga Shanghai Upgrade Unlocks Factory's Full Potential

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Tesla is significantly speeding up deliveries of Model Y in Australia, as the modernization of Giga Shanghai has unlocked the full potential of the factory. The company has thousands of Model Y orders to fill, which were placed during the first week alone, and thousands that were made later.

The modernization of Giga Shanghai, which took place in July and early August, was highly successful. This is evidenced by the acceleration of deliveries in China, and now in Australia. Tesla customers who placed orders for Model Y in the early days of their opening in the country shared the great news with The Driven. It is reported that some orders will be completed several months earlier than originally reported.

The update of estimated delivery dates, which occurred on September 23, shows that the delivery time has been accelerated by approximately 2 to 8 weeks. On the first day of opening orders, the configurator showed the estimated delivery time from November to February. Updated timelines for some customers now show delivery from mid-October to early November, which is certainly very welcome news.

In August, 1,017 Model Ys were delivered in Australia, just a small part of what lies ahead. The Driven evaluated the orders and concluded that in the first week of opening orders for Model Y in Australia, Tesla received more than 11,000 orders from local buyers. Obviously, thousands more followed after that. The high production capacity of Giga Shanghai will enable fast delivery of vehicles, which will significantly increase Tesla's share in the Australian market, as the manufacturer intended.

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