Tesla Will Deliver Around 5K Vehicles to Israel in Coming Weeks

von Eva Fox November 08, 2022

Tesla Will Deliver Around 5K Vehicles to Israel in Coming Weeks

Photo: X Auto World

Tesla will deliver about 5,000 vehicles to Israel in the coming weeks. The first batch, which will be the largest shipment of all time, consisting of about 2,500 vehicles, should be delivered to the port as early as Tuesday.

Deliveries in Q4 2022 are already in full swing and large quantities of vehicles have begun to reach their destinations. A large number of Tesla vehicles are heading to Israel to arrive before the purchase tax increase law comes into effect. According to Globes, the largest shipment ever registered for the country are due to arrive in the port of Ashdod on Tuesday. The batch consists of approximately 2,500 Model 3s manufactured at Giga Shanghai.

However, this is not the only major shipment planned for Israel in Q4. Another batch, which also consists of about 2,500 Tesla vehicles, is reportedly due to arrive in Ashdod in a few weeks. This batch also consists of cars made at Giga Shanghai, although their models are not specified. Thus, about 5,000 Tesla vehicles are expected in Q4 2022 alone.

Globes reported that there are hundreds of cars in the expected batches for leasing companies, which will be transferred to their customers under contracts already signed. Tesla does not allow leasing companies to immediately list the cars they buy for resale, as is the case with many other brands in the zero-mile market, but companies are willing to take more complex steps to provide their customers with the desired Tesla electric vehicles.

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