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First Batch of Giga Berlin-Made Tesla Model Y Performance Cars Arrives in Israel

First Batch of Giga Berlin-Made Tesla Model Y Performance Cars Arrives in Israel

Photo: @TomerHacohen/Twitter

Tesla Giga Berlin continues to increase production, and has already reached an important milestone. The first batch of German-made Model Y Performance cars have arrived in Israel.

Putting a factory into operation and ramping up production is a very time-consuming process. Giga Berlin officially launched on March 22, and has since achieved several important milestones. First, starting last weekend, the factory has started to work in two shifts, which will significantly increase production volume. Secondly, Giga Berlin delivered the first batch of cars overseas.

Before that, Tesla's German factory had already delivered cars to other countries, though all were in the European Union. But the latest delivery was much further. @TomerHacohen/Twitter reported that the first batch of Giga Berlin Model Y Performance cars has arrived in Israel. He did not elaborate on any details of this, but shared a photo showing more than ten neatly parked cars. The viewing angle and the dark time of day completely prevent us from seeing all cars.

Although the initial ramp-up at Giga Berlin was comparatively slow, this does not mean that the manufacturer will be slow in the future. More active production was not possible in part because the factory did not have enough parts, as production at many supplier factories in China was stopped due to the long and strict COVID-19 lockdown. However, now, the work of enterprises is starting to be restored, which means that Giga Berlin will soon receive deliveries and be able to produce cars faster.

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