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Tesla Model 3 Glass Roof Sunshade
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Tesla Model 3 Glasdach-Sonnenblende

    1. Kundenspezifischer Sonnenschutz für Tesla Model 3 Glasdach (vorne und hinten)
    2. Hergestellt aus leichtem Netzgewebe mit einem zusammenklappbaren starren Rahmen
    3. Langlebig und blockiert etwa 80% des Sonnenlichts, reduziert effektiv die Wärmeübertragung in die Kabine
    4. Der hintere Sonnenschutz bedeckt 3/4 des hinteren Glasdaches und kann durch den Rückspiegel nach hinten schauen
    5. Die leicht abnehmbaren Sonnenschirme des Modells 3 werden mit Clips im Inneren des Glasdaches angebracht
    6. Der Sonnenschutz ist zusammenklappbar und wird im mitgelieferten Beutel aufbewahrt
    7. Ausstattung: 2018-2020 Tesla Model 3 Glasdach vorne und hinten

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Customer Reviews

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thanh nguyen (Norcross, US)

2021-2022 Tesla Model 3 Glass Roof Sunshade - Version 2

Walter Alston (Fernandina Beach, US)
Model 3 sunshade

Great fit, easy to install. Twisting it back into a shape for storage took some practice.

T.O. (Clearwater, US)
Happy with my shades

I have had my front and rear roof sunshades installed for about two months and they work very well. Each shade comes with a reflective silver liner that is held on with elastic straps. That is the way I installed mine. I live in Florida and they do a very good job of greatly reducing the heat that normally radiates from the glass roof after being in the sun for a while.

The shades are easy to install. Recommend installing the clips after you have placed the shades in position on the roof. The built in spring tension will hold the shades in place while you attach the clips. If you put the clips on first they tend to fall off while fitting the shade into position.

The only thing I don't like is the back shade in particular makes a fluttering noise when I drive with the windows open. The front one is usually quiet. I think it is the reflective cover that is fluttering because I do not see the shades moving.

Glad I bought them because my model 3 is much more comfortable to drive on hot days now.

Also one of the shades arrived damaged but Tesmanian took care of replacing it promptly.

Nicholas Quinata (Coachella, US)
Works great

Works as expected, definitely kept car cooler

David Pham (Garden Grove, US)
Model 3 2021— worth a purchase

The sunshade was a perfect fit on my vehicle. The front roof has a proper fitment for the front side and rear which you can try if you feel like it does not fit. The usage of the clips took a bit to get how they attach to sunshade then the roof. After about a minute or two, I got the idea of how it worked and in the next 3-4 minutes the sunshade was set on the car. I would say the most difficult part of these sunshades is folding them up. Personally, I only see me removing these during the winter season and keeping them on the rest of the year so I do not find that a major con unless you plan on removing frequently. The heat itself is dramatically decreased with the sunshade. Although some heat does get in, I think it keeps enough out and your head cool when driving. I do not use the silver insulator when driving and I still find it sufficient enough as the base cover lets just enough light in for me.

Marc Macias (Gilbert, US)
Solid product!

Highly recommend this product to anyone interested.

Alison Cook-Davis (Phoenix, US)
Great shade

It fit my 2021 Model3 perfectly and was easy to install. I live in Phoenix so the shades for roof create a lot better battery efficiency! I highly recommend these shades!

Edward Preston (Jacksonville, US)

Product works great as do mounting clips. Shade only fits one way so it does need clearer label for "Front".
Still an excellent product!

Greg Hemauer (Gilbert, US)

2021 Tesla Model 3 Glass Roof Sunshade - Version 2

Stephen Buck (Sisters, US)
Works great

Makes a noticeable difference in cabin temperature. Dense weave is almost opaque.