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Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade
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Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade - Version 2 - PRE-ORDER

  • PRE-ORDER - Estimate Shipment Date on or before May 31

    Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade - Version 2
    1. Additional UV/Heat Insulation further reduces heat transmission into the cabin
    2. Comes with 2 self-adhesive magnets to fix the sunshade sagging issue in Model Y

    1. Custom Design Sunshade for Tesla Model Y Glass Roof
    2. Made with lightweight mesh fabric with a collapsible rigid frame
    3. Durable and effectively reduces heat transmission into the cabin
    4. Easily removable, the Model Y sunshade is installed onto the interior of the glass roof with clips
    5. Sunshade is collapsible and store in the provided pouch
    6. Fitment: 2020-2021 Tesla Model Y
    7. Each package comes with 1 sunshade, 1 silver/black UV screen, 2 self-adhesive magnets and 8 mounting clips

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Tesla Model Y Sunshade Installation Instruction

Tesla Model Y Sunshade Installation Instruction

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Sunshade is a must

I road-tripped across California and the Southwest and couldn't imagine doing it without this sunshade. The glass roof is really beautiful but if you're a pasty ginger like me that comes at a cost, no matter how tinted the glass roof is. The extra shade in the cabin and heat buffer is the way to go for late summer. It's a little unwieldy to install/remove but it gets easier after you do it a couple times. If it were retractable and easy to move with one hand while driving that'd be the only improvement I can think of, but that'd come at extra cost and complexity. This is a simple solution, love it.

Awesome Company

This company is awesome and it’s priority of customer service is second to none. We had recently purchased this sunshade and misplaced the clips. Without questioning they sent us out replacements. We are very thankful and appreciative. As for the product itself, it’s a reasonable work around for not tinting the glass roof. The interior does not overheat and it does as advertised. The middle does sag but is unnoticeable for the average height (I’m 5’9”). Outside of floor/trunk mats this should be high on your accessories list.

Good product, a must for Model Y I wish it came in a color other than black

I bought this for my Model Y as soon as I got the vehicle, after reading about it in Tesmanian. The item arrived promptly. It cuts down on the need for air conditioning and may be saving battery., though I have no data to support it. This certainly gives some protection from the sun, considering that the entire roof is glass.


I put this in as soon as I got home from delivery. Desert summer sun is unforgiving. This actually provides probably around 60% light diffusion. The most important part of this, for me, was to help keep my 3 bulldogs COOL!!! So far, very good...

Good for v1.0!

The sunshade makes a big difference in terms of keeping the cabin cool. I've been using it on my Y during long road trips and when parking in hot areas (Nevada). Only reason why I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is that the middle sags quite a bit. Doesn't affect functionality but it would look way better if it were addressed in a 2.0!


Extremely easy and simple to install. If you're in a super hot climate you will want to pick one of these up. It does droop in the middle which makes the car feel smaller. Luckily its foldable, comes with a nice bag so if you just want to put it up before you go on a super long road trip or if your vehicle is parked outdoors, you can set it up in under 5 minutes. I probably didn't need to buy it but this is one of those, I would rather have it and not need it then need it and not have it.

Great Product, ok fit

Its a great sunshade for the roof, but mine sags a little towards the back... not sure if mine is one of the few that dont fit perfectly, but it works and is one of the only products that works without fully tiring the roof.

Great Addition to your Model Y

Its a great product to add to your accessories, but it does sag a little. Im afraid overtime with the sun continuously blaring on the sunshade that it will make it more saggy. But overall, it does what it is suppose to do and keep the sun out. Comes with a bag to keep in it during the winter times when the sunshade is not needed

Good fit, strong metal frame

The shade has a strong metal frame, and the screen material seems to be durable. The fit is very good, in the sense that it covers the glass perfectly well. In the center of the roof, the distance between the glass and the screen is of few inches. May not be a bad thing, because it keeps a volume of air between glass and screen, and air is a good insulator.

In my case, the bag to store the screen has a hole of about four inches because as a fabrication defect; not a very important issue, but points to a lack of inspection.

1. White is a good reflector while black absorbs infrared rays. May be the screen could be made with a fabric with the upper side being white and the bottom side being black.
2. It could be possible to add few supports made with a thin piano wire to keep the fabric closer to the glass roof.

Great sun shade, but droopy

It goes in really easily, but the mesh is loose and droops. It hangs down a good 4-6 inches in the middle. I debated 3 or 4 stars. Hard to beat the price at $70 so I went with 4 stars given the value, but if you're over 6' tall there's a good chance it'll be drooping onto your head.