Starlink residential users now have 'unlimited' data as SpaceX gets rid of 1TB data cap

Starlink residential users now have 'unlimited' data as SpaceX gets rid of 1TB data cap

This week, SpaceX sent an email to its Starlink service customers stating that they got rid of internet data caps for ‘Standard’ residential users. “Good news! Your Starlink subscription will remain unlimited and will no longer be deprioritized after 1 TB [terabyte] of data use,” said the company.

The data cap was introduced in November 2022 -"To ensure our customer base is not negatively impacted by a small number of users consuming unusually high amounts of data [...],” said SpaceX at that time, as previously reported by TESMANIAN. Residential customers used to have 1TB of “priority access data” each month but after using 1TB their internet speeds would slow down, and the company offered $0.25 per gigabyte for “additional priority access.” Now that the company has launched more Starlink satellites to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to expand coverage the data cap has been removed, and Starlink internet users will benefit from the unlimited data. The ‘Standard’ Residential internet subscription costs $120 per month and the hardware costs $599 USD. As of today, SpaceX operates nearly 4,000 Starlink satellites in LEO. 

“We've updated our Terms and Conditions to reflect this change. See the Starlink Fair Use policy to learn how we manage our network for the benefit of all customers. We've also introduced the ability to easily change your service plan on your account portal or the Starlink app,” the email states. “There are four types of service plans available: Standard for typical household use (your current service plan), Priority for businesses and other high demand users, Mobile for portable land use, such as RVs and camping, Mobile Priority for maritime, in-motion, and high demand mobile use,” wrote SpaceX to its Starlink broadband customers. Starlink customers that purchase ‘Priority’ plans will receive unlimited standard data and once they utilize it, they can purchase additional 1TB, 2TB, or 6TB worth of data – which is useful for businesses and high demand users. Information about each internet plan is detailed in the image below, visit to learn more.

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