EnerStar Solutions signs deal with SpaceX to provide Starlink for Industrial worksites

EnerStar Solutions signs deal with SpaceX to provide Starlink for Industrial worksites

EnerStar Solutions is an independent provider of a wide range of services, including installation of communications services hardware, power, and lighting for remote industrial worksites. EnerStar Solutions signed a deal with SpaceX to provide Starlink for enterprise customers. The Canadian company said it is working to build a Starlink-compatible backend network to connect internet of things (IoT) devices for remote monitoring. "EnerStar’s Communications division has had the formidable task of providing communications services to remote energy industry sites for the past decade," said Bill Blair, Vice President of US Operations and Business Development, in a press release. "Starlink provides a singular solution that addresses our clients’ needs for high-throughput speeds and low-latency for ‘real time’ drilling requirements, as well as ongoing communication requirements of all on-site personnel for business, personal and safety purposes."

EnerStar Solutions works with industries that require a reliable communication system in remote regions, like job-sites related to mining and the overall energy sector across North America. The company says it first plans to use Starlink at "large drilling sites and associated accommodation camps." Under the agreement, EnerStar will resell Starlink service alongside its customer tailored IoT hardware. “Creating a best-in-class internet service experience entails the combination of a high-data delivery product such as Starlink, with an adaptable and comprehensive backend infrastructure that is reflective of industry specific needs," said Leonard Bleile, EnerStar Communications’ Director of Product Development and Network Design. "EnerStar’s state-of-the-art cloud connectivity and on-site network is designed to maximize Starlink’s user experience. EnerStar provides a long list of complementary communications products including camera systems, tank monitoring systems, intercoms, IoT devices, and many other products,” stated Bleile. 
The company says that SpaceX Starlink will prioritize enterprise customers by providing high-speed data even at times of network congestion and that the hardware can be used while on the go and can be deployed throughout the United States. EnerStar said Starlink enterprise hardware approval for use in Canada is expected soon. “This is an extraordinary opportunity for EnerStar, and the runway of industry opportunities in energy, mining, civil, film, and infrastructure will provide ongoing demand for many years to come," President of EnerStar James van der Sloot stated. 
Featured Image Source: SpaceX & EnerStar

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