Nebraska Farm Bureau partners with SpaceX to expand Starlink Internet in Rural regions

Nebraska Farm Bureau partners with SpaceX to expand Starlink Internet in Rural regions

Nebraska Farm Bureau (NEFB) partnered with SpaceX to provide Starlink satellite internet in rural regions across the U.S. state. NEFB is a state-wide organization dedicated to supporting farm and ranch families. More than 55,000 families across Nebraska are members; working together to achieve prosperity in agriculture. 

Starlink will be very useful for Nebraska’s farmers, ranchers, and rural communities where terrestrial forms of internet service are unreliable or completely unavailable. SpaceX operates a constellation of around 4,200 Starlink satellites that operate in Low Earth Orbit and directly beam data to user terminals. “Starlink is ideal for those who live and work in rural communities, and we couldn’t be more excited to work with the Nebraska Farm Bureau to offer reliable high-speed internet coverage to the last acre for farmers and ranchers across the state,” said Chad Gibbs, SpaceX’s vice president of Starlink Business Operations.

Nebraska Farm Bureau representatives also expressed their excitement to work with SpaceX’s Starlink to fulfill the needs of its members. “Internet access is a necessity in modern agriculture and for the continued success of the small towns our farmers and ranchers rely on daily. After extensive support and work on the process, Nebraska Farm Bureau is excited to work with Starlink. Starlink’s model of providing quality broadband in Nebraska is revolutionary. Working with Starlink will help ensure quality internet service is delivered to all areas of the state,” stated NEFB President Mark McHargue. “We are excited to work with Starlink to deliver high speed broadband to rural areas in Nebraska that are underserved.”

NEFB said in a press release that it will provide members with two months of free internet service, which is a value of around $200 USD. Members will find information on how to access benefits in their NEFB account which will guide them on how to get the credit to purchase the Starlink kit and service. 

This partnership is important because rural areas are often unconnected due to the fact that it is too expensive to build fiber-optic internet cable infrastructures over large unpopulated areas. “[...] Starlink and NEFB thought it was important to take this broadband service issue into our own hands and deliver the connectivity to our farm, ranch, and rural members in a way that avoids the regulatory hoops and the high cost of getting fiber to the ‘last mile.’ This Starlink and NEFB partnership will provide savings and service of broadband to rural areas that may be years away from getting this valuable connectivity,” representatives of NEFB stated. 

“This is an incredible opportunity for farmers, ranchers, and all Nebraskans to have access to high-speed high-quality internet service,” said McHargue. “Ensuring quality broadband and internet services are provided to Nebraska farm and ranch communities is a key goal of Nebraska Farm Bureau, and we are pleased to support this process by working with Starlink.”

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