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Tesla FSD Beta Has Driven 150M+ Miles, Giving the Company a Huge Competitive Advantage

Tesla FSD Beta Has Driven 150M+ Miles, Giving the Company a Huge Competitive Advantage

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FSD Beta-driven Tesla vehicles have driven over 150 million miles, providing a wealth of training data. This is a strong competitive advantage for the company. With the help of Dojo, neural networks will be able to learn quickly, which brings full autonomy even closer.

Tesla continues to rapidly develop FSD Beta, improving it at a fast pace. It is already widespread among Tesla car owners in North America, which brings great benefits to the company. A growing fleet of FSD Beta users has an exponential impact on the total number of miles driven by FSD Beta. At the moment, their number is more than 150 million miles and continues to grow.

This level of data collection is unprecedented in the industry. During the Q1 2023 Earnings Call, Elon Musk pointed out that the data advantage Tesla has is not available to any other company today. Such a huge amount of data is key to the development of AI. Musk noted that anyone working in the field will be able to truly understand the importance of this amount of training data and how important it is to achieve an incredible result.

With such a huge amount of data, Tesla is also very focused on improving the learning capabilities of its Neural Network (NN). It is the rapid learning of the NN that is one of the main factors limiting the achievement of complete autonomy. Musk said the company continues to simultaneously make significant purchases of NVIDIA GPUs, as well as put a lot of effort into Dojo. According to Tesla, the Dojo training supercomputer it developed in-house could reduce the cost of training by an order of magnitude.

Musk also mentioned that, in addition to being a significant benefit to Tesla, Dojo has the potential to become a salable service that the company will offer to other companies. He sees the same trajectory as Amazon Web Services, which was originally a bookstore and now offers web services. The Tesla CEO is confident the potential of Dojo is very significant.

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