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Tesla Giga Berlin Has Already Hired 3,500 Employees Out of a Planned 12,000

Tesla Giga Berlin Has Already Hired 3,500 Employees Out of a Planned 12,000

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Tesla Giga Berlin has already hired about 3,500 employees out of 12,000 planned for Phase 1 expansion to ensure a sustainable energy future for all of humanity. Today was the grand opening ceremony of the factory and the customer handover of the first Model Ys produced in Germany.

Tesla has already created thousands of jobs at its first European plant—Giga Berlin—and has changed the entire region, making it one of the main economic centers of Germany. The Brandenburg area is suffering from a shortage of jobs, and Tesla will definitely solve this problem. The Texan company offers very favorable working conditions for everyone, from unskilled employees to highly qualified specialists. The salary starts from €2,700 per month, which is higher than the average for the region.

At the end of 2020, Tesla for the first time specifically announced how many jobs should be created in Grünheide. According to the website, the company plans to hire up to 12,000 employees, up from an initial estimate of 7,000 jobs.

"We estimate that during Phase 1, we will employ up to 12,000 people, with roles being filled by local residents and employees from wider Europe. We want the best talent collaborating and working together to achieve the mission."

During the grand opening ceremony of the factory and the handover of the first German-made Model Ys to owners, which took place on March 22, it became known that as of today, about 3,500 employees already work at Giga Berlin. Some of them have already been working for several months and have gained experience in using high-tech robots and new technologies for the production of Model Y. Each employee plays an important role in the manufacturing and delivery of cars to customers across Europe, and in the overall acceleration of the world's transition to sustainable energy.

On March 4, Giga Berlin received its final environmental building permit, as well as a permit to produce 500,000 vehicles per year. The permit also includes battery manufacturing activities in the battery factory building, which is currently under construction next to the car factory. Along with the green light to start production, the company needs a significant increase in staff. At the moment, Tesla has about 400 open vacancies for Giga Berlin. Most of them are related to manufacturing, although there is also active hiring in many other areas. As part of the recruitment, Giga Berlin has significantly increased vacancies in categories such as HR, Operations & Business Support, Supply Chain, Environmental, Health & Safety, Engineering & Information Technology, and Energy - Solar & Storage.

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