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Elon Musk Inaugurates Tesla Giga Berlin & Delivers First Model Ys Accompanied by His Dance

Elon Musk Inaugurates Tesla Giga Berlin & Delivers First Model Ys Accompanied by His Dance

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On Tuesday afternoon, German time, Tesla CEO Elon Musk inaugurated the manufacturer's first European factory—Giga Berlin—and delivered the first Model Ys made there. The head of the company accompanied the handover of the first cars with his dance, which has already become his trademark.

On Monday, March 22, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, flew to Germany to hand over to customers the first electric vehicles made at Giga Berlin. All of Brandenburg and Germany are celebrating the launch of the project, which could create up to 12,000 jobs. The opening of such a large factory is a powerful signal for all of East Germany. Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Economics Minister Robert Habeck, as well as many local politicians, support the settlement.

“A special day for the region, a special day for Germany, and a special day for Germany’s electric mobility turnaround,” praised Habeck during the ceremony. Tesla chose Germany because it is the heart of Europe's automotive industry and the country will be the main market for electric vehicles. This is also his goal, Habeck said. He is glad that the oil phase-out is now gaining new momentum.

Politicians praise Tesla's actions. Habeck said, “Of course, this short factory construction period could also be something of a requirement for Tesla's pace in other areas.” He called Musk's approach “another bold corporate culture.”

Brandenburg Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke also welcomed the large-scale project. He sees a positive effect for all of East Germany. The Minister of Economy of Brandenburg, Jörg Steinbach, was proud that Brandenburg was able to bypass other regions of the country and attracted Tesla. The Federal Association of German Industry (BDI) also praised the rapid implementation of the project. “Tesla's pace should serve as a model for investment projects in Germany,” said Siegfried Russwurm, President of the BDI.

Musk himself was very pleased with the event and marked it with his signature dance.

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