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Tesla Giga Berlin Receives Full Control Over Groundwater, Is Liable to Relevant Authorities

Tesla Giga Berlin Receives Full Control Over Groundwater, Is Liable to Relevant Authorities

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Tesla has received full control over the groundwater located in the territory of Giga Berlin. Despite the concerns of local critics, the manufacturer—like other companies with the same rights in Germany—remains responsible for meeting environmental obligations to the relevant authorities.

On Wednesday, a number of German media outlets reported that Tesla had gained full control of groundwater at its Giga Berlin territory. This caused outrage from environmental organizations critical of the company. However, excessive concern on this issue is misplaced, and only inflates the negativity around the manufacturer. The state government has said that Tesla is not left unattended in Grünheide, despite its own responsibility for groundwater.

“Tesla [...] is regularly monitored by various authorities, just like any other company in Germany,” the environment ministry said Wednesday evening. In addition to the fact that there are requirements for Tesla and the operational control system, regular checks will be carried out by the state and Oder-Spree county. If any indication is found that a risk to the water supply cannot be ruled out, the responsible water supplier will be informed.

The county indicated that it was responsible for monitoring water conservation requirements for the Tesla factory after receiving an environmental permit. “The subordinate water authority has access to monitoring results and sees to Tesla’s compliance with the monitoring concept,” said the county spokesperson Mario Behnke.

The Brandenburg State Environmental Protection Agency has made Tesla responsible for all matters related to groundwater. Following the November 8 decision, the Strausberg-Erkner Water Association should no longer be involved in all groundwater-related matters, as was the case with the original government approval.

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