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Tesla Model 3 Awarded 2023 Executive Car of the Year by What Car?

Tesla Model 3 Awarded 2023 Executive Car of the Year by What Car?

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Tesla Model 3 awarded 2023 Executive Car of the Year by What Car?. It became a winner because it flawlessly combines frugality and style.

Tesla Model 3 has been awarded 2023 Executive Car of the Year by What Car? taking away the award from BMW 3 Series. Buyers want effortless long-haul capability, a comfortable and classy interior, and low benefit-in-kind tax rates write the magazine.

With Model 3, Tesla made a masterstroke by fulfilling specific financial promises specifically addressed to company car drivers in the UK. While BMW 3 Series requires its owners to pay a benefit-in-kind (BIK) at a rate of at least 12%, Model 3 drivers only have to pay 2%. Tesla is also helped by the fact that many companies encourage their employees to switch to electricity and improve the overall environmental impact of the business.

An important factor is that even the entry-level Tesla Model 3 has more than enough power to quickly outrun any average car and some of the more powerful ones thanks to the instantaneous response of the electric motor. The car can keep up that pace on winding roads too, as its quick steering always makes you remember that you are driving something sportier than a run-of-the-mill four-door sedan.

Model 3 also has another advantage: instead of a bulky engine in the front, there is a front trunk for extra storage. The absence of bulky mechanical elements at the rear of the car gives a very spacious space in the back, where in addition to the space in the trunk you get another storage space hidden under the raised floor. The car can hold 10 carry-on suitcases, which is almost unique for sedans and only the Skoda Superb can offer this.

Along with the purchase of a Tesla Model 3, owners get access to an extensive network of branded charging stations, the Supercharger Network. The car's sat-nav can automatically plan stops along the planned route, so you can always recharge your car on time without having to think it through yourself. Summer and winter tests by What Car? showed that Teslas are the most efficient electric vehicles, and the improved battery of the 2022 Model 3 rear-wheel drive has increased the official range.

Most of the functions of Tesla Model 3 are controlled through a huge central screen. In addition, the car has plenty of premium extras such as front and rear heated seats, a heated steering wheel, adaptive cruise control, surround view cameras, and a 15-inch infotainment screen with apps like Netflix. Thus, while buying a Model 3 leads to low taxes, it also provides a high quality of life for its owners.

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