Tesla Model S Plaid Sets New Lap Record at Streets of Willow Springs

Tesla Model S Plaid Sets New Lap Record at Streets of Willow Springs

Image: Unplugged Performance

Tesla never ceases to amaze and impress the world community. The company has made huge strides in car development, but the Model S Plaid has become a particularly hot topic. The car has become the fastest mass-produced electric car in the world, and now its modified version has reached a new record.

On December 8, Unplugged Performance, which makes performance upgrades for Tesla vehicles, shared the big news on Twitter. Their modified Model S Plaid, driven by Craig Coker, set a new lap record at Willow Spring's Streets of Willow. This once again confirmed that the Model S Plaid has the stunning performance of a sports car in the body of a family sedan.

The previous record at Willow Spring's Streets of Willow, according to fastlaps.com, was 1:16.45. It belonged to a modified Corvette Grand Sport. Tesla Model S Plaid set a new record of 1:13.51, which is an impressive gap. You can watch the video of the run below.

Unplugged Performance, which modified the Tesla, has a history of operating high-performance electric vehicles. The Model S Plaid received many updates, including a full aerodynamic body kit (wing, front splitter, side skirts, and rear diffuser); a set of carbon-ceramic breaks; a new suspension setup specifically designed for this car; and more. However, it is important to note that the Model S Plaid still used the factory Tesla drivetrain and stock Tesla track mode. According to Unplugged, despite the many modifications and “lightenings,” the car is still heavy, weighing 4,898 pounds. The record was also set with “worn-out A005 Yokohamas and less than a full charge,” which means it could possibly finish the lap even faster than the set record.

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