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Tesla Model Y Was China’s Top-Selling SUV in March & Took 2nd in Q1

Tesla Model Y Was China’s Top-Selling SUV in March & Took 2nd in Q1

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Tesla Model Y became the best-selling SUV in China in March 2023. According to the results of the first quarter, the car became the second best-selling in the country among all types of powertrains and the only electric vehicle to achieve such a high result.

Tesla continues to delight Chinese consumers with the best electric vehicles. At the start of Q1, the company lowered its prices, which expanded the customer base, as the cars became accessible to those who had not previously considered buying them due to the higher cost. This led to the fact that the sales figures for the first three months of the year were also pleasantly pleased with their performance.

Tesla sold a stellar 54,937 Model Ys in China in March, according to new figures from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA). This shows an increase of 38% compared to March 2022, when 39,730 units were sold. This is also a 115% increase compared to 25,526 sold units in February.

Thanks to strong sales, Tesla Model Y became the best-selling SUV in China in March, leaving the competition behind. BYD Song was in second place with 40,114 sales, 14,823 units fewer than Model Y. It is worth bearing in mind that BYD Song's sales include both BEV and PHEV variants. In third place is BYD Yuan Plus.

In Q1 2023, BYD sold 141,415 Songs, making it the top-selling SUV in China. Of those sales, Song Plus DM-i (PHEV) accounted for 82,373 units, Song Pro DM-i (PHEV) 38,589, and Song Plus EV 20,453 (via Berlinergy/Twitter). Tesla Model Y came in second with 94,647 sales. Considering the division into powertrain types, Model Y is the only electric vehicle to achieve this degree of success. BYD Yuan Plus finished in third place with 62,528 sales.

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