Tesla Officially Enters the Turkish Market

Tesla Officially Enters the Turkish Market

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Tesla officially enters the Turkish market by launching the order configurator. Currently, only Model Y is available for order. The company is launching four Superchargers that will connect Turkey with other European countries.

Tesla announced its official entry into the Turkish market, after several years of waiting. On April 4, a solemn event was held in Istanbul. The manufacturer's team greeted consumers with the Model Y. Simultaneously with the event, the manufacturer launched an order configurator. At the moment, only Model Y is available for order. The cost of Model Y starts from 878,190 Turkish Liras (about $45,670) and already includes the SCT and VAT exclusion. Model Y is available in all three configurations, including base, Long Range, and Performance.

In addition, Tesla has officially launched four Superchargers. Two of them are in the part of Turkey that is in Asia Minor, one is in Istanbul, which is located near the shores of the Bosphorus, and one is in the European part of Turkey. Superchargers create a corridor that connects Turkey with other European countries. This is great news as Tesla owners in Turkey will now be able to easily travel to and from Europe. The same applies to Europeans who can use the charging corridor to visit beautiful Turkey.

In recent months, Tesla actively prepared to enter the Turkish market. At the end of March, the company posted a hint on its social media pages. It was an image of a car that looked like a Model Y with a caption in Turkish “Türkiye 4/4. 👀”.

Tesla stepped up in Turkey in early 2022 when it appointed Kemal Geçer, who has headed the Lufthansa Airlines Turkey office since 2015, as head of Tesla Motors Turkey and boosted the company's capital in the country by TL 50 million ($2.68 million). This was the first serious hint of further development in Turkey, and local customers even awaited the official start of sales of the company's entire line of vehicles in 2022. The company launched its operations in April 2023, with a slight delay.

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