Tesla Powerwall Storm Watch Was Activated 400K Times in 2021, Protecting Customers from Power Outages

Tesla Powerwall Storm Watch Was Activated 400K Times in 2021, Protecting Customers from Power Outages

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Storm Watch via Tesla Powerwall was activated 400,000 times in 2021, protecting customers from weather-related power outages. This high performance indicates that Tesla's home energy storage systems are able to offer the best possible use of energy, even in the most unpredictable situations.

Tesla said that in 2021, the Storm Watch feature  was activated 400,000 times, meaning it has kept its owners safe from weather-related power outages hundreds of thousands of times. In a world that is critically dependent on electricity, uninterrupted access to it is a basic necessity. A telling example was the winter storm in Texas in February 2021, when millions of people were left without electricity, which sadly had some tragic consequences. However, even in such difficult weather conditions and with constant power outages, Tesla Powerwall owners continued to live life to the fullest.

Severe weather conditions are the main cause of power outages, so Tesla has prepared its Powerwalls in such a way that they protect their owners as reliably as possible. Storm Watch allows customers to maximize savings by keeping a low backup reserve percentage in Self-Powered or Time-Based Control mode, while still having peace of mind that Powerwall will automatically react to protect you during a severe weather event.

Storm Watch is triggered during severe storms that are likely to knock out power lines and cause outages. To protect the household, this mode is activated when the weather becomes more severe and one of the following watches or warnings is issued in the Powerwall region:
  • Hurricane (watch or warning)
  • Tropical storm (watch or warning)
  • Red flag (warning)
  • Thunderstorm or severe thunderstorm (warning)
  • Tornado (warning)
  • Winter storm (warning)
  • Blizzard (warning)
  • High wind (warning)
  • Ice storm (warning)
  • Snow squall (warning)
  • Wind chill (warning)
  • Wind (advisory)

Tesla explains that when Storm Watch is enabled, the Powerwall will automatically activate Storm Watch when the National Weather Service sends out a severe weather alert. This mode allows the Powerwall to charge up to its maximum capacity so that it can provide backup power if an event occurs.

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