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Elon Musk's Safety Is Threatened by Young Man Who Publishes Information About the Location of His Private Jet

Elon Musk's Safety Is Threatened by Young Man Who Publishes Information About the Location of His Private Jet

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The safety of Tesla and SpaceX chief Elon Musk is under threat as a young man posts the location of his private jet on Twitter. This can lead to bad consequences, as Musk's personality gets a lot of attention.

Imagine for a moment that someone posts the location of your personal vehicle on social media. How would you feel? How much would it affect your psychological state? I am sure that each of you would feel insecure and live in a state of constant stress that some crazy person might one day come after you. In fact, it is terrible to realize that you are under scrutiny and anyone who wants to know where you are now can know exactly that.

Celebrities often come under scrutiny as exclusive information about their personal lives is sold at a high price. This creates a lot of problems for celebrities, sometimes compromising their personal safety. This kind of information in particular is published either by indifferent people who are incapable of feelings for others or by those who consciously publish it for their own benefit.

The personality of Elon Musk attracts a lot of attention. He has a wide range of fans who love him, but also those who dislike him, sometimes to the point of outright hatred. All these people are actively interested in the personal life of the head of Tesla and SpaceX for their own reasons, but does anyone have the right to compromise his safety? This is a question that has an unequivocal answer, but loopholes in the legislation provide room for maneuver.

A 19-year-old has created several Twitter accounts where he posts information about the whereabouts of the private jets of several celebrities, including Elon Musk. Although the direct location data is not public and is hidden by the owners of the jets, using some loopholes, it is possible to track their location. The young man's father, who works in the aviation industry, showed him where to get relevant information via which he can find out the location of specific aircraft.

Jack Sweeney, who runs Elon's jet track account, went to the media after being contacted by Musk asking him to delete the account as it compromised his security. It was after this that this story gained great popularity and has been circulating in the media for several days now. However, even to this day, the issue of Musk's safety, which is jeopardized by Sweeney, has not been resolved. Musk’s request to stop publishing his personal location—which ultimately could pose a threat on his life—was ignored.

According to the young man, Musk offered him $5,000 so he could finally live more calmly, but instead of the long-awaited safety, he received demands for a higher fee. Sweeney told Musk that he would delete the account if the head of Tesla paid him $50,000. Although the young man presents his demand as a "joke," in reality, there is nothing funny about it. A safety-conscious person asks another not to release his jet's location publicly, in response to which he receives a demand of $50,000.

I don't know what exactly Sweeney's values ​​are, but if Musk or any other person asks not to put his safety at risk, that deserves more respect. For an adequate and empathetic person, it would be right to stop publishing this data. I hope that Sweeney makes the right decision because no amount of social media popularity or monetary reward is worth it to bring terrible experiences onto the daily life of another person.

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