Tesla Teases Free FSD Trial in North America

Tesla Teases Free FSD Trial in North America

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Tesla is improving its full self-driving (FSD), which will make cars autonomous. Once it becomes “super smooth” and not just safe, the company will roll out a free month trial for all cars in North America, Elon Musk said.

The FSD feature allows Tesla car owners to give control of their car to the car itself. At the moment, it does not yet make cars fully autonomous. Therefore, the cars need constant supervision of a human driver who can intervene if necessary. However, Tesla is working hard to ensure a human driver is no longer needed to drive. The company has had more success with its FSD Beta, which is now deployed to hundreds of thousands of testers in North America.

On Monday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk laid out a rough plan to expand access to FSD in North America and the world. He said that once the company achieves smoothness, and not just safety, Tesla will give its customers the opportunity to try it out for free. Musk said owners of the company's cars in North America will get one month of use of FSD to realize how great the software is and how much it makes everyday car use easier. After Tesla makes sure FSD works perfectly on local roads, it will be distributed around the world. Of course, this will only happen after the regulators approve it.

“Once FSD is super smooth (not just safe), we will roll out a free month trial for all cars in North America,” Musk said. “Then extend to the rest of the world after we ensure it works well on local roads and regulators approve it in that country.”

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