Tesla Urges Mississippi & Oklahoma to Fight Direct Selling Ban Bills in Their Home States

von Eva Fox Februar 22, 2022

Tesla Urges Mississippi & Oklahoma to Fight Direct Selling Ban Bills in Their Home States

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Tesla is urging the people of Mississippi and Oklahoma to fight against bills that aim to eliminate direct selling in their home states. State legislators are focused on cracking down on competition and limiting consumer choice, rather than boosting incomes and jobs for local residents.

Tesla once again turned to residents of the two states for support. The company asked to call on the legislature not to vote to ban the direct sales of EV manufacturers such as Tesla, which will only harm the state's residents, benefiting only certain organizations and individuals.

House Bill 3994 in Oklahoma could be interpreted as a ban on electric vehicle makers like Tesla from servicing and delivering cars in the state. It is currently being reviewed by members of the House Business and Commerce Committee. If passed, the bill could force Tesla to close its existing offices in Oklahoma and prevent the manufacturer from shipping cars to anyone in the state. This will force local residents to travel out of state to service their vehicles or pick up their new Tesla vehicles. The company is pointing out that Oklahoma should focus on increasing income and jobs in the state rather than stifling competition and limiting consumer choice.

To make your voice heard, "please send a message to your State Representative and the members of the House Business and Commerce Committee sharing what this bill means to you and why it is bad for Oklahoma. Tell them your story as an EV owner in Oklahoma and let them know that you OPPOSE HB 3994," said Tesla.

Tesla also called on Mississippi residents to oppose detrimental bills SB 2836 and HB 833. If passed, these bills would prevent Tesla and other electric vehicle manufacturers from opening more stores in Mississippi, and as a result, many local residents would be forced to travel out of state to buy the most sold electric vehicles in the country.

"Help STOP the adoption of SB 2836/HB 833 by making your voice heard, please consider contacting your Senator and the Finance Committee ASAP," urged Tesla.

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